Hypno Sheep

About us

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Hypno Sheep - electronic duo


Writing & producing new original music...

With a love for the melancholy and surreal, Discover deep grooves, creative bass, melodic synth & female vocals.


Stay tuned for our upcoming album release & e-store merch. 


Embarking on our first album together, we face production of digital downloadsCD's

  & hope to afford the pressing of  Multi-Colored Vinyl Records 


So.......We have a few of our singles out as a beginning effort to share our vision with you.                      Our endevours are deep seeded in the dark and melancholic senses; feeding the fire with familiar music and a search for  the musically unknown. Each song we write is a journey within itself.

    We are intrigued by every learning point and driven by our accomplishments. There is no veiled desire to be rich and famous. We are realists & our dreams live on a simpler plane. The universe in all it's mystery is our playing field & Inspiration comes and goes in waves. & So we live & we breath ......


multi colored spiral vinyl
multi colored psychodelic vinyl
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Studio work is exhausting! Get this guy some coffee quick...